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testimonial page thank you blockI have been fortunate enough to have sold my devilishly sweet works to customers in many states, and I am thrilled to receive feedback from my customers. Here are a few examples of the notes that they have sent to me.

“These wine stoppers are amazing! Such a cool piece of art in a functional, everyday tool. They are a conversation piece too. We had them out this weekend while entertaining guests and people were so enamored with them.”

“I love Wizard of Oz wine stopper, and love having this little reminder in a functional work of art. We got this one for white wine, and the red devil for red wine and are so pleased with both.”

“Marie is so talented! I ordered 2 light switch plates and they are fantastic! She’s super with communication too. I love my purchase so much, I’m hunting for something else I might need – she rocks!! :>))”

“OMG this is so beautiful and will go great to wear for my birthday to the smoky mountains this month and it didn’t cost that much but was more beautiful than its price”

“We received the switch plates and have put them all up. We love them!!!”

“Great colors for Halloween finger earrings! Very nice design! Thank you!”

“This is AWESOME!!! And the Shipping was EXTREMELY quick!!!! Thank you so much!!! Looks Great!!!”

“Very creative! Would love to see more designs from you!”

“Awesome Stars,GF loved them,thanks!!”

“A really fun creative piece. Exceptional service and care taken”

“beautiful craftsmanship!! Highly recommended!! thank you:)”

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